Gorgeous handcrafted
bracelets from all over
the world made with
love by women who earn
a fair wage. Unite with
other women who care.

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Our Mission: Female Empowerment

At Love Nisa, our mission is to unite women globally, empowering them to achieve confidence, equality, and independence. 

Around the world, so many women have been marginalized, stereotyped, and currently live in poverty. Generally, we believe this stems from stereotypes that posit women aren’t worthy of working an employed job and instead are made to tend to the home.  Love Nisa will break through these stereotypes by providing these women with love, support, encouragement, and of critical importance, a job and financial support. In the short term, we’ll fulfill our mission by selling beautiful, affordable, hand-crafted jewelry, made by women who earn a fair wage … but we won’t stop there.

Long term, we will continue to dream about all the various ways we can lift these women up, both emotionally and economically. 

A Message From One of our Palestinian Artisans

The Making of our Tanzanian Bracelets

The Training of a Costa Rican Artisan