Our Founding Story

After visiting the West Bank for the first time in June of 2019, Sara was struck by a piece of graffiti art, created by anonymous British social activist and graffiti artist Banksy, on the separation wall between Israel and Palestine that read, “Make Hummus Not Walls.”

This motto—with a definition of breaking down barriers, building bridges, helping one another, and bringing people closer together—was the ultimate spark for Sara’s founding of Love Nisa. 

Sara knew her mission: to create a product or innovation that could in some shape or form spread the message of “Make Hummus Not Walls.” After visiting the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem and speaking with the women there, Sara listened and learned about the many struggles that women experience in the workforce. With a little more research, she realized that only 16% of all working-age women in the West Bank and Gaza are able to find employment. 

She conceived of a solution to this problem: employ these women to create a product, from their homes, that she could then import and sell in the United States. With a love for the show Shark Tank, Sara knew to contemplate multiple product ideas—purses, backpacks, and sandals—before eventually choosing bracelets because they are relatively fast to make, don’t require fancy machinery or equipment, are lightweight for more affordable international shipping, and the training to make them is relatively easy. 

Since those humble beginnings, Love Nisa has launched in Tanzania, Palestine, and Costa Rica, with many more countries on the way. Love Nisa is not just a company, it is also a mission to unite women globally.

Our Humble Beginnings