Our Leadership

Sara Hamadeh - CEO and Founder

Sara Hamadeh is the CEO and Founder of Love Nisa and a senior at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, CA. Sara has an immense passion for the study and application of social innovation: the use of business as a catalyst for social change. After witnessing poverty first-hand in both the Middle East and Latin America, Sara founded Love Nisa to provide economic and emotional support to women in marginalized communities around the world. At Bishop’s, Sara co-founded the first-ever Social Innovation Competition, bringing together students to create business ideas aimed at tackling a global social problem. She was also Team Leader of Shirts2Socks, a winning team with a Buy1Give1 concept where school uniforms were repurposed to provide desperately needed socks to the homeless community. Beyond her passion for social innovation, Sara also has a deep interest in culture, language, and international relations. As a leader of the Latin American Student Organization (LASO), Sara works to bring together the Latinx community at Bishop’s while celebrating its identity and culture. She also works with students in the U.S, Palestine, and Israel as an American Delegate with Hands of Peace, an organization that brings together high-schoolers to develop their conflict resolution skills addressing one of the most prolonged and complicated issues in the world: the Palestine-Israel conflict. During her free time, Sara loves to read, sing in choir, play lacrosse, enjoy morning matcha lattes, and spend time with friends and family.

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Marianna Pecora - Vice President of Communications

Marianna Pecora is the Vice President of Communications at Love Nisa. She’s also a senior at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, CA. With a passion for politics and women’s rights, Marianna joined Love Nisa to share information with people in an accessible and entertaining way. At Love Nisa, Marianna contributes to the News Blog and runs our Twitter account. She is also working on the newest part of Love Nisa, the monthly Content Club, where she will be sharing media recommendations spanning books, essays, podcasts, videos, music, and also hosting discussions with Sara. When she’s not working on Love Nisa, you can find Marianna on the tennis court with her family and friends, in the kitchen cooking, scrolling through Twitter more often than she would like to admit, fighting with Sara over where they should get coffee, and always listening to a podcast.