Significance Behind Our Charms


The Key:

In 1948, many Palestinians lost their homes and became refugees. However, many of these Palestinians continued to carry their home keys as inspiration and hope for when they could return home. For many Palestinians, the key is symbolic of this right to return. 


The Hamsa Hand:

The Hamsa hand, otherwise known as the Hand of Fatima, is an important symbol in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. In Arabic, the word derives from “khamsah,” which means five, ultimately referencing the five fingers on the hand. The hand is symbolic of protection in all three religions and represents female power and strength. 


The Olive Tree:

Palestinian territories have olive trees that date back to around 4,000 years ago that remain today. These drought resistant trees have remained for years and represent the Palestinian people’s devotion to their homeland. Additionally, the olive trees have provided economic prosperity for the Palestinian people, as they are planted in 48% of agricultural lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The olive tree is a Palestinian symbol of resilience.